Gatlin's Escape Game

Top 4 Activities at Gatlin’s Fun Center

Located less than half a mile away from our hotel, Gatlin’s Fun Center is the perfect place to spend an afternoon of family fun! The best part about this place is there are multiple different things to do in one spot. This will save you from having to travel all over Gatlinburg to find an activity for everyone. Here are 4 of the best activities at Gatlin’s Fun Center:

1. Gatlin’s Mini Golf

mini golf

As the area’s largest miniature golf course, Gatlin’s Mini Golf features two different courses that equal up to 45 holes! There are many unique features of these courses that make Gatlin’s one of the best mini golf destinations in Gatlinburg. First of all, both courses are set up on hillside so you will be able to experience the natural beauty of the Smoky Mountains while enjoying a game of golf. Secondly, you can also learn some history while you play! As you try to conquer each hole, you will learn about the area’s first settlers and Gatlinburg’s fascinating past.

2. Gatlin’s Escape Games

Do you have what it takes to solve the puzzle and escape the room in time? Experience the Gatlin’s Escape Games to find out. Gatlin’s offers several different escape games scenarios, including the Masters of Magic and the Legend of Atlantis game. As a group, you will be given 60 minutes to solve puzzles and conquer challenges on your quest to escape the room that you are in. These escape rooms are a perfect way to spend quality time with your family as you try to work together to solve mysteries. The escape rooms are just one of the many fun things you can experience at Gatlin’s Fun Center.

3. Gatlin’s Laser Tag

laser tag

What better way to spend your afternoon than by shooting your family members with lasers? Gatlin’s Laser Tag features a 3000-foot arena, making it the largest laser tag area in Gatlinburg. The coolest feature of the laser tag experience is the choice of four different game features. Participants can choose between individual play, group play, team capture, or a vampire edition. If you are going as a large group, the team capture game is a great option. In this feature, you are split into two different teams, but when you are hit by a member of the other team you become a part of their team! This is a fun twist that Gatlin’s Fun Center has added to the classic game of laser tag.

4. Gatlin’s Rugged Rope Adventure Course

As the first of its kind in Gatlinburg, the Gatlin’s Rugged Rope Adventure Course features 38 different challenges to conquer while you are harnessed almost three stories in the air! The best feature of the ropes course is the ability to choose which path you take. This makes it possible for everyone to experience the course together. You do not have to have any special skills and can have fun on the ropes course whether you have small children or are a climbing beginner.

Now that you know of some of the best activities to try at Gatlin’s Fun Center, be sure to check out some of the other great Gatlinburg attractions to visit while you stay with us! We hope you enjoy your vacation in the Smoky Mountains!