Crockett's Breakfast Camp

The Best Places to Eat in Gatlinburg TN For a Day

If you plan on visiting Gatlinburg for a day, you may be wondering which tasty treats you should experience. With hundreds of places to eat, the options can be overwhelming, but we want to share the best places to eat in Gatlinburg TN with you! Here are our top picks for where you should eat when you have 1 day in town.


Pancake Pantry

Pancake PantryWhen you’re ready to start the day, you have plenty of pancake houses in Gatlinburg to choose from. The most popular, and the oldest one in town, is Pancake Pantry. They have a huge list of pancakes covered in toppings you love, but you also can’t go wrong with the hearty platters full of savory fried eggs, crispy bacon, and delicious biscuits and gravy!

Crockett’s Breakfast Camp

Another fantastic restaurant you could start the day at is Crockett’s Breakfast Camp. They have every staple you can think of, but some of their signature dishes include a sweet cinnamon roll or thick griddle cakes drizzled with butter and syrup. You also can’t go wrong with some unique options, like the pot roast eggs benedict!


No Way Jose’s

no way jose's cantina gatlinburgYou’ve had fun in the morning and find yourself getting hungry for lunch. One of the best places to eat in Gatlinburg TN for lunch is No Way Jose’s! If you find yourself craving chips and salsa paired with a margarita, then this is the Mexican restaurant in Gatlinburg for you. They also serve fajitas, quesadillas, burritos, and all the other Tex Mex classics!

Taste of Italy

Maybe Mexican isn’t what you’re in the mood for. Then you should try one of the Italian restaurants in Gatlinburg! You can’t go wrong with traditional lasagna or spaghetti and meatball dishes, but Taste of Italy brings all of the delicious meals to the table. There’s pasta galore with pestos, alfredos, and ravioli. You’ll also find pizzas, picattas, marsalas, and other Italian favorites on their menu!


The Peddler

the peddler steak house in gatlinburgOnce you’ve filled the day up with fun, it’s dinner time! There are plenty of steakhouses in Gatlinburg, but you won’t find a more popular option than The Peddler. This restaurant is slightly off the Strip, tucked away next to the river for a beautiful view while you enjoy your choice of steak and wine. The Peddler is also known for their huge salad bar, and you’ll have a great time at one of the best places to eat in Gatlinburg TN!


If you prefer seafood for dinner, then Chesapeake’s is a great option. This upscale dining experience provides you with raw oysters, fried seafood platters, crab cakes, and all of the other offerings you’re searching for. You won’t want to miss this incredible seafood restaurant in Gatlinburg!


The Donut Friar

donut friar signThe Donut Friar is absolutely one of the best places to eat in Gatlinburg TN when it comes to sweets. Whether you want a classic glazed donut, one filled with cream or jelly, or another type of pastry, you’ll find it here! Pair your sweet of choice with coffee, hot chocolate, or tea, and you’re ready to go!

Mad Dog’s Creamery

If you’re craving something a little different for dessert, you can’t go wrong with ice cream in Gatlinburg! While there are plenty of places that serve it, one of our favorites is Mad Dog’s Creamery. This shop is pet friendly, so not only can you enjoy a scoop of your favorite flavor, you may spot a furry friend or two!

You can’t go wrong at any of these best places to eat in Gatlinburg TN while you’re here for a day. Have you decided where you will stay while you’re in town? There’s no better place than with us! Check out our available Gatlinburg hotel rooms, and book one for your stay now!