Father and son playing mini golf.

The 3 Best Places to Play Mini Golf in Gatlinburg

No vacation in Gatlinburg, TN is complete without a round of mini golf! The Smoky Mountains are home to a number of awesome putt putt courses that you definitely don’t want to miss. Whether you’re planning a fun date night with your sweetheart or a family outing, you will love hitting the (miniature) links in the Smokies. To help you make the most of your next getaway, Black Bear Inn & Suites has put together a guide to three of the best places to play mini golf in Gatlinburg.

1. Hillbilly Golf

Hillbilly Golf is a legendary attraction in downtown Gatlinburg. As you probably guessed by its name, Hillbilly Golf is themed around the stereotypical Appalachian way of life. Hillbilly Golf’s two 18-hole courses are filled with fun country obstacles, including moonshine stills, outhouses, tractors, and various types of farming equipment.

In addition to its one-of-a-kind theme, Hillbilly Golf is also notable for its location on a mountainside. To reach the beginning of the courses, guests take an incline ride that travels 300 feet in the air. Golfers will enjoy beautiful views of Gatlinburg’s natural beauty as they play putt putt. If you’re looking for a unique mini golfing experience, it’s hard to beat Hillbilly Golf!

Gatlin's Smoky Mountain Fun mini golf in Gatlinburg TN.2. Gatlin’s Smoky Mountain Fun

Gatlin’s Smoky Mountain Fun is another one of the best places to play mini golf in Gatlinburg. This popular destination is home to three different mini golf courses for visitors to enjoy:

The Old Town Square Course, which includes restored historic cabins and trivia about the city of Gatlinburg.

The Old Mountain Trail Course, which is more challenging than the Old Town Square Course and features plenty of Smoky Mountain scenery and trivia about the national park.

The Blacklight Golf Course, which is located indoors and features glowing blacklight obstacles that have an under the sea theme.

Anyone who is planning on playing a ton of putt putt during their vacation should consider Gatlin’s Unlimited Golf Package. With this special deal, you can play as many games as you can fit into your trip! In addition to Mini Golf, Gatlin’s also offers escape games, gem mining, bumper cars, and motion rides.

3. Ripley’s Davy Crockett Mini Golf

Ripley’s Davy Crockett Mini Golf is a wonderful putt putt destination for the whole family. This awesome attraction is home to two 18-hole courses that harken back to days gone by when the folk hero Davy Crockett was exploring the woodlands of East Tennessee. Kids will love all of the cartoon animal characters and fun sound effects that are featured throughout both courses.

Despite its kid-friendly atmosphere, Ripley’s Mini Golf does have a few difficult holes that will challenge even the most skilled mini golf players. Be sure to try extra hard on the 18th hole, because a hole-in-one will earn you a free game!

Ripley's Davy Crockett Mini Golf in Gatlinburg TN.When you stay at Black Bear Inn & Suites, you will be within walking distance of all these awesome places for mini golf in Gatlinburg. Our hotel is situated right on the Parkway, just minutes from the city’s top attractions, shops, and restaurants. To learn about everything Black Bear Inn & Suites has to offer, visit our Amenities page!