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4 of the Best Smoky Mountain Hikes With a Mountain View

With over 800 miles of hiking trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, you have plenty of trails to choose from! There are certain features you can choose from if that’s what you want to see, and we want to share some of the best Smoky Mountain hikes with a mountain view. There are other sights along the way on these trails too. Here are 4 of the best Smoky Mountain hikes with a mountain view:

1. Alum Cave

alum cave trailA popular hike in the Smokies with beautiful views is Alum Cave Trail. This trail is considered moderate and is 4.4 miles roundtrip. You will hike through the forest and eventually come upon man made rock stairs that make the trail easier to climb. There are several rock formations along this trail that are really neat to see. Once you reach the Alum Bluffs, you will have a vast view of the mountains. You can actually continue along this trail to reach the summit of Mount LeConte for an even more incredible mountain view.

2. Andrews Bald

Have you ever hiked to a bald before? Andrews Bald is a great trail if you want to see wildflowers and mountain views. This trail is considered moderate and has a roundtrip length of 3.5 miles. You’ll make your way through the woods and see quite a few native plants along the way. Once you’re at the top, you will come out on the bald, which is a grassy spot on the top of a mountain. There is rhododendron and flame azalea in this area in the spring and summer.

3. Charlies Bunion

charlies bunionCharlies Bunion is another one of the best Smoky Mountain hikes if you want to see amazing views. This trail is considered difficult and is 8 miles roundtrip. Less than 1 mile in, you’ll have a great view of the mountains in North Carolina. About 2 miles in, there are views of Mount LeConte and Myrtle Point. Charlies Bunion is actually a rock cropping, and it is named after a man named Charlie because his friend said the rocks looked like the bunion on his foot. There are several mountains you can see at this point, creating a beautiful sight.

4. Brushy Mountain

There are a couple of ways you can get to the top of Brushy Mountain, but we want to talk about starting out on Trillium Gap Trail. This trail is 6.8 miles roundtrip and is considered difficult. When you take this trail, you might just see llamas taking supplies to the top of Mount LeConte. You also have the opportunity to see Grotto Falls, a unique waterfall you can actually walk behind. Then you will continue beyond the waterfall, and at about 3 miles in, you will reach the beginning of Brushy Mountain Trail. You’ll want to stay to the left at the junction. At the top, you will have a view of the eastern Smokies.

These are just a few of the best Smoky Mountain hikes with mountain views. Want to know what else there is to do in the area when you stay with us? Look at these Gatlinburg attractions to find other fun things to do!