6 Gatlinburg Shops to Visit in the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community

Shopping on vacation is a popular activity for many people. It’s a great way to slow down, pick up some souvenirs, and get to know the area a little bit better. While there are plenty of Gatlinburg shops to browse through, one area you won’t want to pass up while you’re in town is the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community. This community is made up of local artists and craftsmen who specialize in rare art forms like woodworking, blacksmithing, quilting, and more. You could spend a long time checking out the entire 8-mile loop, but here are some of the stores you should visit while you’re in town:

1. Hills Creek Gallery & Glass Studio

glass figurines
Glass blowing isn’t something you see everywhere, so you will want to stop in at Hills Creek Gallery & Glass Studio. They have glass figurines, flower vases, paperweights, and more. You’ll also find several unique gifts, including jewelry, photography, and pottery.

2. Wire Wonders

While you can find plenty of Gatlinburg shops that sell jewelry, not all of them are handmade with love like at Wire Wonders. Each necklace, bracelet, and earring is uniquely made with wrapped wire and a hand-chosen gem. That special person in your life will love wearing an individually designed piece!

3. Smoky Mountain Leather & Woodcrafters

person making leather goods in the great smoky arts and crafts community

If you’re someone who appreciates the artistry behind goods, then you’ll love Smoky Mountain Leather & Woodcrafters. They make and sell handcrafted leather belts, purses, wallets, and more, and you won’t find better craftsmanship! There are plenty of other items to check out in their shop as well, like toys, ornaments, and home decor.

4. Judy Jones Pottery and Gift Gallery

There are quite a few Gatlinburg shops that sell handmade pottery, but Judy Jones Pottery and Gift Gallery has set themselves apart. Most of the mugs, plates, and sets you find will have multiple glaze colors to create a pleasing aesthetic, but Judy creates each piece of pottery and then hand paints on top of the glaze for a personal touch.

5. Mountain Stitches by Susan

stack of quiltsAnother craft you won’t see everywhere is quilting. Sure, you can purchase commercially made blankets, but where can you find a handmade quilt someone painstakingly worked on for hours? Mountain Stitches by Susan has some of Susan’s finest work, as well as fabric and quilting supplies so you can try it yourself!

6. The Smiths

Another type of craft you will want to check out while visiting these Gatlinburg shops is blacksmithing, and The Smiths is a great place to go. They specialize in handmade knives and scrimshaw, which are small surfaces with carved and colored designs etched into it. You’ll have fun exploring their shop full of unusual items.

Can’t get enough of looking through stores in Gatlinburg? Stop by The Village Shops in Gatlinburg for even more shopping fun!

You’ll have fun exploring all of these Gatlinburg shops while you’re in town. You can make a whole day out of just visiting the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community! So you know you want to spend some time exploring this area, but what else will you do when you stay with us? Check out these things to do in Gatlinburg for more ideas!