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Need For Speed: 5 Great Places for Racing Go Karts in Pigeon Forge

Does a need for speed run in the family? Worried a lead foot may be hereditary? The Smoky Mountains are a great place for fun and adventure, including quality time spent racing your closest around the track! Satisfy that craving for adrenaline with a day spent at one of several awesome go-kart attractions in the area! Here are 5 great places for racing go karts in Pigeon Forge:

1. SpeedZone Fun Park

Visitors of all skill levels and age are welcome at SpeedZone Fun Park! Four unique go-kart tracks make SpeedZone Fun Park a place for everyone! Speed demons can try their skills on the Slick Track, test out turning abilities on the wooden Tennessee Twister, hop in a double or single kart for the speedy Coaster Track or young children can drive their own kart on the Junior Track. Located in the heart of Pigeon Forge, SpeedZone Fun Park is surrounded by numerous other attractions and restaurants.

2. Xtreme Racing Center

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Xtreme Racing Center boasts some of the fastest go karts in Pigeon Forge! These world-class, high-speed karts take over three tracks. The ‘Xtreme’ Track is 3,500 linear feet of adventurous turns and exhilarating straightaways, the Reserse Track is the same as the ‘Xtreme’ Track but naigated in reverse, making for a completely unique experience while the 1,500-foot Elevated Track allows riders in both single and double karts for the youngest of guests to experience the fun! Riders must be at least 11 years old and 56 inches tall to ride these go karts.

3. Blake Jones Racing Center

If indoor racing is more of your style, Blake Jones Racing Center is the place for you! Located on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge, Blake Jones Racing Center features one of the few covered go-kart tracks and indoor electric go karts and Spin Zone Bumper Cars in the area! The Figure 8 Slick Track is an oval indoor track with green go karts that produce low fumes, no odors and low noise. The indoor electric go karts race on an oval indoor track with green karts. Spin Zone Bumper Karts are for ages 5 and up (passengers must be at least 36 inches tall) and great for both rainy and sunny days.

4. Adventure Raceway

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Adventure Raceway features a wooden elevated track that takes visitors on a ride up a 3-story spiral to “The Hump,” and down the opposite side through another spiral! This heart-pumping track makes for about 5 minutes of intense, competitive racing! Located on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge, Adventure Raceway has been entertaining families since 1985. Don’t forget to try the bumper boats during the hot summer! Bumper boats come equipped with a water sprayer so you can get one of your favorite family or group members!

5. The Track

Four different options are available for riders at The Track! Wild Woody is The Track’s signature attraction, featuring 3.5 stories of elevation and an exciting drop before once again ascending! The Family Track features both single and double karts, perfect for the youngest riders, on a figure-8 track. The Rookie Track uses go karts specifically designed for older children. The Kiddie Karts are aimed for riders between 3-foot-6 and 4-feet tall.

Now that you have a sense of where to get your speed on, perhaps you’re interested in finding a place to stay near these attractions and many others! Take a look at these other attractions conveniently located near our Gatlinburg hotel!