bowl of spinach salad

Top 5 Foods to Order at Gatlinburg Restaurants if You’re Eating Healthy

The moment you get close to the downtown area, it’s easy to pick up the sweet smells coming from the shops. This makes you want to just forget about your healthy eating habits that you want to maintain on your vacation. You’ll be happy to know there are many Gatlinburg restaurants that offer healthy items for your diet. It’s fine to do a little cheating on vacation, but we’re going to show you it’s possible to eat healthy here with 5 foods that are easily available.

A tasty vegetable omelet with cherry tomatoes on the side.1. Omelets

We’re going to start with breakfast, and with eggs getting a more favorable opinion from health experts, you’re in luck with all the different options from Gatlinburg restaurants. You can find a veggie omelet at any breakfast place, and even if you prefer some meat with your eggs, go ahead and enjoy that too. Omelets are also a good option if you want some sustained energy for your long day of shopping or hiking. ​Crockett’s Breakfast Camp​ is one such place you can go for awesome omelets!

2. Salads

You may want to think twice if you believe a vacation isn’t for eating salad. Even here in this tourist mecca will you find plenty of salad from great Gatlinburg restaurants. Whether you prefer shredded lettuce or more leafy green vegetables, there is a large variety of tasty salads that’ll fill you up just as well as a burger and fries. Check out Calhoun’s​ for some good ones!

3. Fresh Vegetables

cherokee grillFor many Gatlinburg restaurants, you don’t necessarily need to order a full dish to be satisfied at a meal. In the South, we take pride in serving vegetables that aren’t as frequently seen in other places. Items such as okra and slaw have a flavor here in restaurants that’s uniquely Southern. If you want vegetables such as green beans, broccoli, and more, go visit ​Cherokee Grill​ for their garden varieties.

4. Fresh Fruit

There are many people that get most of recommended servings of fruits and vegetables daily from just the fruit portion. That’s just fine because at Gatlinburg restaurants, you can find plenty of both items. While fruits are available at most restaurants in town, the fruit lover can get all they want from some buffets located in Gatlinburg. For one of the best buffets in town, head to ​Bennett’s Pit Bar-B-Que​ to see what we mean!

salmon and asparagus5. Seafood

Also getting a huge stamp of approval in the medical community is seafood. Many Gatlinburg restaurants serve items from the sea that include tuna, crab, salmon, and trout. Speaking of the last item, the ​Smoky Mountain Trout House​ is one place you need to visit for some of best quality of omega-3 fatty acids your body needs for optimum health!

See! Now you know it’s possible to eat healthy at Gatlinburg restaurants, especially if you feel you overindulged at a few places you couldn’t imagine resisting. You’ll be so close to those smells in Gatlinburg you’ll almost taste them when you’re staying at Black Bear Inn & Suites. ​Book a room​ today, and know you can be smart with that choice too!