A delicious bacon cheeseburger.

Top 5 Places to Eat in Gatlinburg in the Arts and Crafts Community

Want to go somewhere off the beaten path of downtown Gatlinburg? Head to the Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community! You’ll love all of the amazing talent you’ll find, from wood carvers to quilters. Not only will you find incredible artists and craftsman, you’ll also find a ton of delicious food! Check out these top 5 places to eat in Gatlinburg in the Arts and Crafts Community:

1. Crystelle Creek Restaurant & Grill

steak restaurant in gatlinburgIf you’ve been looking for a romantic spot to take your significant other while you’re in town, Crystelle Creek Restaurant & Grill is the place you should go! The building overlooks the river out back, providing a natural setting with a touch of romance. There are tables out back that sit next to the river and a koi pond for an even better experience. If you visit Crystelle Creek at night, keep an eye out for the 150-foot tree that lights up with a ton of candles to set the mood. Food includes soup, salad, burgers, and sandwiches. They serve all kinds of steak, from porterhouse to tenderloin. Get grilled chicken, pasta, or seafood. There’s something for everyone!

2. Fox and Parrot Tavern

A unique place to eat in Gatlinburg in this community is the Fox and Parrot Tavern. They refer to themselves as an authentic British tavern where you can grab a pint and a meal. The atmosphere is perfect for families and groups of friends. You’ll find a wide selection of beer and ale to quench your thirst. Grab a snack to go with your drink, such as the Ploughmans lunch or bangers and mash. If you want a whole meal, you can get really traditional with fish and chips or shepard’s pie. Some other dishes you can get include bubble and squeak, which is sauteed onions, potatoes, cabbage, and corned beef. You won’t find anywhere else like this!

3. Red Oak Bistro

wine samplesWant traditional bistro food? Then you have to go to the Red Oak Bistro. The food is unique and has an air of upscale dining. The dinner and tapas menu changes weekly, so you never know what you might get to try! No doubt though, the food will be delicious! What doesn’t change is the wine and beer selection. They serve over 25 kinds of red wine, a moderate selection of white wines, and even sparkling wines and champagne. Some of the beers include pale ale, baltika, and chocolate stout. There’s even a huge selection of bourbon and whiskey.

4. Split Rail Eats

Split Rail Eats just wants to serve people delicious food that makes them full! If you just need a pick me up, run in and get one of the snacks. There are hand pies full of ham or spinach and cheese. You also can’t go wrong with the fredo fries, which are covered in cheese, bacon, and green onions. Split Rail Eats is known for their tater bowls. Choose from cheeseburger, buffalo chicken, taco meat, or greek chicken and toppings over tater tots or fries. You can also get sandwiches, burgers, or salads.

5. Timbers Log Cabin Restaurant

A tasty vegetable omelet with cherry tomatoes on the side.For comfort food, head to Timbers Log Cabin Restaurant. Breakfast is served all day in case you want it for dinner! It includes eggs, biscuits with gravy, bacon, ham, sausage, and more. For lunch and dinner, you can get a variety of salads or sandwiches. Grab a Timbers BLT or a reuben. The selection of burgers is huge, with classic toppings like lettuce and tomato. You’ll also find unique toppings, from fried eggs to all-beef hot dogs.

You won’t go hungry with this many places to eat in Gatlinburg at the Arts and Crafts Community. Want to stay close to this unique part of town? Book a room with us and you’ll only be a few minutes drive away from the Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community!