dollywood sign at christmas

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Go To Smoky Mountain Christmas at Dollywood

If you’ve never been to Dollywood during the holiday season, you have to go this year! There’s nothing quite like walking into this theme park and seeing the Christmas decorations or watching the Parade of Many Colors pass you by. Not only do you get to enjoy the events just for this time of year, you also get to enjoy all the traditional things about Dollywood! Check out these top 4 reasons why you should go to Smoky Mountain Christmas at Dollywood:

1. See Tons of Light Displays

christmas lights on the grist mill at dollywoodSince it gets darker sooner this time of year, you get to enjoy all the incredible light displays they put up every year during Smoky Mountain Christmas at Dollywood. You’ll find a 50-foot-tall tree in the middle of Main Street that lights up the night. See all kinds of creatures, from bears to penguins made of lights. You might even see Santa Claus and huge version of toys! Seeing the lights is one of the main reasons people come from all over the world to Dollywood this time of the year.

2. Eat Delicious Food

Dollywood serves incredible food all year long, but you can get some delicious food during Smoky Mountain Christmas. The Spotlight Bakery has all kinds of cookies, from sugar to gingerbread men. Aunt Granny’s has a huge Christmas dinner buffet where you’ll find ham, all the sides you love, and all kinds of desserts. Some booths have s’mores, while others have soup to keep you warm. All throughout the park, you’ll be able to find peppermint hot chocolate, which will keep you warm and put you in the Christmas spirit!

3. Enjoy the Attractions

wild eagle roller coaster in dollywoodOne of the main reasons you’ll enjoy Smoky Mountain Christmas at Dollywood is all the entertainment! If you love thrills, you’ll want to ride all of the roller coasters, including the Wild Eagle and the Thunderhead. Kids will love the Dragonflier and Black Bear Trail in Wildwood Grove. Want a great tour of the park? Ride the Dollywood Express, especially when you can see all the lights! In addition to all the fun rides, you also have opportunities to see all kinds of shows. Enjoy a live version of It’s A Wonderful Life and listen to many concerts with your favorite carols.

4. Have Fun Together

The best part about going to Smoky Mountain Christmas at Dollywood is your whole family will have fun together! It can be hard to find fun things to do that everyone wants to do, but Dollywood has it all. There are things every person will enjoy doing, from small children to grandparents! Plus, you get to explore the park together, spending quality time together making memories. Discover all the Christmas magic when you come to Dollywood for the holidays!

Once you go to Smoky Mountain Christmas at Dollywood, you’ll want to come back every year to enjoy this wonderful season in the park. Wondering what else you can do in the area? Check out this area guide for more information.