The beautiful swimming pool at Black Bear Inn in Gatlinburg.

5 Reasons You’ll Love Swimming at Our Hotel in Gatlinburg in the Winter

When you’re looking for a hotel in Gatlinburg to meet your needs this winter, you may not be thinking of going swimming. But you will be when you find out that we give our guests a fun opportunity at our enclosed heated pool! We’ll show you the best reasons you’ll love taking advantage of this in the winter!

1. Warmth

It can surely get cold in the Smoky Mountains during the winter, so it only makes sense to jump into our heated pool while you’re here. Once you get inside our enclosed pool area, you’ll instantly feel the relief from the chilly weather. What’s really cool is the fact that you can enjoy your favorite summer activity while seeing the snow fall in the middle of winter if you’re lucky enough to visit during a snow shower!

2. Pretend It’s Summer Calhoun's Restaurant in Gatlinburg

Whether you live in a warm weather climate or not, a dip into our pool is a nice way to pretend it’s summer in the middle of winter. It’s perfectly fine if you’re not a fan of the cold, because here it’s easy to make believe it’s a hot and sunny day in late July. What really keeps giving you that impression are the smells from nearby restaurants like

Cherokee Grill​ and ​Calhoun’s​, which put you poolside at a backyard barbecue any time of the year!

3. Exercise

It can be pretty easy to stray from your exercise plan during the winter — especially during the holidays — but at our hotel in Gatlinburg, you can do your best to keep fit. Our indoor heated pool is perfect for some vigorous exercising when you don’t feel like venturing out on a walk. This is a good way to get back on track, so that way it won’t be so difficult to get back into your fitness routine when you return home!

Little girl playing in the pool4. The Kids Will Be Thrilled

There’s nothing that can get your kids more thrilled than telling them they can go swimming on your vacation. What’s even better is the certainty with which you can make this statement. Through rain, snow, ice, or sleet, our heated pool doesn’t close because of the weather. The kids will love spending time at the pool, no matter what. You won’t have to worry about them not enjoying their time here!

5. Great Back-up Activity

Just in case the weather causes you to reschedule or cancel your plans for the outdoors, the enclosed pool at our hotel in Gatlinburg is an ideal back-up activity. You may have already planned to enjoy our pool, but why not use it a little more when Plan A falls through. Now you have a fantastic Plan B right here!

There’s no denying that our hotel in Gatlinburg will do the very best in exceeding your expectations. Swimming in the winter is just one of the many things that make us great! Go ahead and book your ​Smoky Mountain hotel room​ and drift away in your dream vacation!