The beautiful swimming pool at Black Bear Inn in Gatlinburg.

Top 5 Reasons to Stay at Our Gatlinburg Hotel with a Pool

Swimming pool access is one of the most popular amenities people look for in a hotel in Gatlinburg TN. Here at Black Bear Inn & Suites, we have an indoor pool unlike anything else in the area! Not only do you have a great activity you don’t have to pay extra for, you also save money and won’t have to go far for fun! Check out these top 5 reasons to stay at our Gatlinburg hotel with a pool:

1. Retractable Roof for Sunny Skies

Indoor heated pool at Black Bear Inn & Suites in Gatlinburg TNUnlike most swimming pools, which are either completely indoors or completely outdoors, the pool at our Gatlinburg hotel offers the best of both worlds. Our enclosed pool features a retractable roof so you can go for a swim, regardless of the weather. When the sun is shining, we keep the roof open so guests can soak up some rays. If it’s raining outside, we keep the roof closed so you can enjoy some indoor fun at the pool. No matter what the forecast looks like for your vacation, you can rest assured you’ll be able to go swimming during your visit.

2. Comfortable Warm Water

In addition to our special retractable roof, we have one of the few heated pools in town. During the fall and winter months, the comfortable warm water in our pool is a welcome respite from the cooler temperatures outside. Even during the summer and spring, a heated pool is a great feature because it lets you jump right in without having to worry about bracing yourself for an icy splash. With its enclosed location and heated water, our swimming pool is truly a year round attraction.

3. Perfect for Kids

Kids having fun at a swimming pool.

Our Gatlinburg hotel with a pool is always a hit with young visitors! Whether your kids play Marco Polo, race each other, swim laps, or just splash around in the water, they will absolutely love having a pool on vacation. In fact, convincing your children to leave the pool may be the most challenging part of your getaway!

4. Backup Plan for Rainy Days

While Gatlinburg is famous for its outdoor activities, sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate with your plans to enjoy the great outdoors. If a rainy forecast forces you to reschedule your hike in the national park or your zipline adventure, there is no need to panic! Our guests will always have the perfect backup plan in case of bad weather. Spending the day at the pool is a wonderful alternative to being out and about. In many cases, rain clouds pass through Gatlinburg very quickly, so after a few hours of swimming, it’s quite possible sunny skies will return to the Smokies.

5. Save Money

Black Bear Inn & Suites in Gatlinburg TN.

The Gatlinburg area is filled with amazing attractions and shows you will definitely want to visit during your vacation. However, heading into town every time you’re in search of entertainment can add up quickly. Fortunately, when you have access to a swimming pool during your getaway, you won’t need to spend money to keep your family entertained. Our pool will keep your kids occupied for hours on end, so you can save your money or spend it on future vacations.

We have everything you need for an unforgettable getaway in the Smokies. Our Gatlinburg hotel is located right on the Parkway, just steps away from all of the fun in town. With a complimentary hot breakfast bar, high-speed wireless internet, and balconies with beautiful views, our Gatlinburg hotel with a pool is the perfect destination for your next vacation. To start planning your escape, browse our selection of Gatlinburg hotel rooms!