mynatt park

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mynatt Park During Your Vacation

While you might be familiar with all of the exciting attractions on the Gatlinburg Parkway, you’ll find a hidden gem along the Historic Nature Trail called Mynatt Park! This city-owned park offers a peaceful retreat just minutes away from the action in downtown Gatlinburg, complete with walking trails, recreational facilities, picnic tables, and more! Here are the top 5 reasons why you should visit Mynatt Park during your vacation:

1. No Admission Fee

One of the top reasons why you should visit Mynatt Park during your vacation is because there is no admission fee, which also applies to the other two city-owned parks in Gatlinburg! The only thing that ever requires a fee in the park is the covered pavilion, which seats 64 people and can be reserved by calling the Recreation Department at (865) 436-4990. This means that you’ll have free access to all of the other facilities and amenities, including a basketball court, tennis courts, creekside picnic tables, and a playground area!

2. Fun Things for Kids to Do

picnic basketWe know it can often be difficult to keep kids entertained during a vacation, so take them to Mynatt Park to release all that youthful energy! Play some hoops on the basketball court, take a stroll on the walking trails, or enjoy a delicious picnic lunch among the beauty of the Smokies! Your kids will also have a blast using the playground equipment, and there is even a “childrens only” fishing stream available at the park!

3. Nice Break from the Hustle and Bustle

When you’re ready for a break from the hustle and bustle of downtown Gatlinburg, just take the short drive down Historic Nature Trail, where you’ll find the park on the right side! If you’re up for a stroll, you can even walk to the park from the Parkway in about 15 minutes. Enjoy the peaceful trails in the park and take note of the whimsical bridge, a popular site for local wedding photographers! 

4. Possible Bear Sightings

bear cub behind a treeAs with many recreational areas in the Gatlinburg area, there is a good chance of seeing a bear at Mynatt Park! If you are one of the many folks visiting the Smokies who hope to see the iconic black bear, you might just get lucky here! While it can be exciting to spot a bear, remember to always stay a safe distance (at least 150 feet) at all times since bears are wild animals with unpredictable behavior!

5. See the 2016 Wildfires Memorial and Tribute Plaza

The newest addition to Mynatt Park is a Memorial and Tribute Plaza to the wildfires of 2016, which devastated Gatlinburg and the surrounding area. The memorial involves two separate plazas flanking each side of LeConte Creek, one serving as a memorial to those who perished in the wildfires and the other as a tribute to the agencies who assisted during the response and recovery efforts. The 2016 Wildfires Memorial and Tribute Plaza were added in June of 2023.

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