breakfast at black bear inn and suites

4 Reasons You Should Start the Day with Breakfast at Our Gatlinburg Hotel

When you’re planning for a big day of activities in town, our Gatlinburg hotel helps you have a great day by offering you breakfast in the morning. Our breakfast stands out compared to the other places that offer this luxury. If you want to know why breakfast is best served at Black Bear Inn & Suites, read the 4 reasons why you’ll benefit nicely with our choices!

1. No Reaching for the Wallet

While you may expect to have a free breakfast at your hotel, you’ll be amazed at what you’re getting without having to reach for your wallet. There’s no register or cashier around our breakfast area as you can browse, select, and munch away without having to pay. When you save money enjoying a free breakfast each morning of your stay, you will have more money to spend on other great activities on your trip!

2. Delicious Omelets

A tasty vegetable omelet with cherry tomatoes on the side.How many times have you spent a vacation somewhere with a free breakfast and had someone make you an omelet? We’re thinking that very few of you have enjoyed such a perk. At our Gatlinburg hotel, we have someone ready for you to make a delicious omelet the way you want with no effort on your part! Choose from an array of vegetables that include peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions. We’ll even throw in some ham and cheese for some protein power that you can’t get anywhere else for free!

3. No Long Lines

We don’t want to knock all the delicious places where you can get a nice hearty breakfast in Gatlinburg, but we have one thing they don’t: no long lines! Unless you’re getting up bright and early, you’re likely to encounter a wait for a table. The great thing about us is you can roll out of bed a little later and still enjoy a tasty breakfast without waiting. Here, you can get a much needed good night’s sleep and hop on down at your convenience. This is one less worry you’ll be thankful for when you stay with us!

4. Plenty of Great Breakfast Items

A-waffle-with-strawberries-and-other-toppingsWith the breakfast at our Gatlinburg hotel, you’ll have plenty of great items available to choose from! We’ve already covered our excellent omelet station, but we have more hot items too. Of course, there’s no denying our biscuits and gravy, plus the waffle maker is always a hit, especially with the kids. Cereals, fresh fruit, juices, and milk are popular cold choices as well. You’ll be so spoiled with our generous selections, you may not even be tempted to go out for breakfast at all on your trip!

We bet you’re getting awfully hungry just thinking about breaking that fast at our Gatlinburg hotel. As you can see, our breakfast set-up goes beyond your standard experience anywhere else. See for yourself and reserve your room here to guarantee you won’t go hungry on your visit!