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Top 6 Restaurants that Serve Pizza in Gatlinburg You Should Try

When you want something delicious and easy to eat, a great option everyone loves is pizza. There are several places where you can get pizza in Gatlinburg, from local joints to well-known chains. You can try signature pies or get your classic favorite. Check out these top 6 restaurants that serve pizza in Gatlinburg you should try:

1. Big Daddy’s Pizzeria

supreme pizzaA popular local chain that has delicious food is Big Daddy’s Pizzeria. They have all of the classics, from cheese to supreme. If you enjoy trying unique pizzas, then this is the place to go. You can get their Taco Pie, which has ground beef, tomatoes, nacho cheese, lettuce, and jalapenos. Their Wing It pizza has chicken marinated in hot sauce, ranch dressing, jalapenos, and onions. If you don’t see a pizza you want to try, you can always create your own. There’s even a sausage crust!

2. Luigi’s Pizza

Luigi’s Pizza is another great place to go when you want pizza in Gatlinburg. You can choose from several different sizes if you want to share with a small or large group of people. Add all your favorite toppings when you create your own pizza, or you can try one of the signature pies on the menu. You can get a Hawaiian, veggie, Greek, meat lovers, or eggplant pizza. Luigi’s also serves strombolis and calzones.

3. Big Bear Pizza

cheese pizzaBig Bear Pizza is another local pizza place in Gatlinburg you should try. Their pizzas come in medium, large, or extra large sizes, and you can add whatever toppings you want if you create your own. They have barbecue chicken, bacon cheeseburger, and spicy Hawaiian pizzas. You can also get veggie, meat lovers, or supreme pizzas. Big Bear also serves hot dogs, sandwiches, salads, and wings.

4. Ski Mountain Pizza

If you enjoy New York style pizza, then you should eat at Ski Mountain Pizza. Some of their specialties include a white pizza, barbecue, and veggie. You can also create your own pizza and choose from a ton of toppings. Ski Mountain Pizza also has a gluten free crust. If you aren’t in the mood for pizza, they also have salad, wings, pasta, and more.

5. Geno’s Pizza

pizza slicesGeno’s Pizza is another great place to get pizza in Gatlinburg. Their special has pepperoni, sausage, beef, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and black olives. You can also get meat lovers, veggie, steak and cheese, or barbecue chicken pizza. If you want, you can also create your own pizza. Geno’s also has calzones, sandwiches, and hot wings.

6. Best Italian Restaurant

Best Italian Restaurant is a popular place to eat in downtown Gatlinburg. They have all kinds of delicious Italian food. You can get lasagna, fettuccine alfredo, and ravioli if you want pasta. You’ll also find beef, chicken, and seafood entrees. If you want to get pizza from Best Italian, you can create your own pie or choose from one of their signatures. Check out these other Italian restaurants in Gatlinburg!

These places to get pizza in Gatlinburg are just some of the restaurants you’ll want to try while you’re in town. Since you have an idea of where you want to eat, you may be wondering what else you should do when you stay with us. Check out these Gatlinburg attractions for some ideas!