man mountain biking in woods

Top 5 Things to Know About Mountain Biking at Ober Mountain

If you love mountain biking, just wait until you try out the downhill trails at Ober Mountain! This is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in nature while cruising down nearly a dozen trails, and the best part is that a chairlift ride transports you right back to the top! Since there are no mountain bike trails within Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this is the best destination in the Smokies for mountain bikers! Here are the top 5 things to know about mountain biking at Ober Mountain:

1. What to Expect

The mountain biking trails at Ober Mountain vary in difficulty so that both beginners and experts will have a blast conquering the downhill runs! In addition to the 11 trails, you’ll find two exciting terrain parks where you can show off your skills! You don’t have to worry about any exhausting uphill climbs as the park’s chairlift will carry you and your bike to the top of the mountain. All the trails are professionally designed, well-maintained, and equipped with safety features to ensure a thrilling yet secure experience!

2. Bike and Equipment Rentals

mountain biking rentalsIf you don’t have your own mountain biking equipment, you’ll be happy to know that Ober Mountain offers bike, pad and helmet rentals! The rental bikes are meticulously maintained to provide optimal performance on the trails, and you can count on the best equipment for a safe and exciting experience! If you do have your own bike, note that it must meet certain standards of suspension, so contact Ober Mountain for any specific details. Also keep in mind that helmets are mandatory for this activity!

3. Mountain Biking Lessons

Another one of the top things to know about mountain biking at Ober Mountain is that 90 minute lessons are available! Whether you are a seasoned rider who wants to enhance their technique or a beginner eager to learn the ropes, there are experienced instructors who are available to help! If you’re just starting out, there are several trails that are exclusively for beginners such as Easy Street, Joy Ride and Home Run. Meanwhile, experts will love the challenging Snakedance, Yeti and Hellbender trails!

4. Items to Wear

woman riding mountain bike You’ll want to dress for the weather, so keep an eye on the forecast when planning your day to Ober Mountain! In addition to the mandatory helmet, wear pads and gloves that can help protect you in the event of a fall. As far as footwear, closed shoes are required and sandals should be avoided. When preparing your clothing for the day, avoid cotton materials if possible as it absorbs moisture and does not insulate well when wet. Finally, layering your clothing is a good rule of thumb for any outdoor activity!

5. Hours of Operation and Ticket Information

The mountain biking trails at Ober Mountain are open outside of ski season and generally operate from 10 AM to 6 PM daily, but be sure to double check the hours before heading up to the mountain! You must be at least 5 years old to participate in this activity. Day tickets are available for purchase at the park, as well as bike rentals, lessons, protective gear and mountain bike season passes.

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