The beautiful swimming pool at Black Bear Inn in Gatlinburg.

Top 4 Amenities Your Kids Will Love at Our Downtown Gatlinburg Hotel

Finding a place to stay when you’re planning a family vacation can be fun. Black Bear Inn & Suites has a lot of different amenities that are not only suitable for the adults, but are great for what we offer the kids as well. That should give you an idea of exactly what you can find at our downtown Gatlinburg hotel. Here are 4 of our many amenities that the kids will get excited about!

1. The Complimentary Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and kids won’t find fault with our hot and cold options to kickstart the day’s events. Have the kids help themselves, or help them with the preparation of some cereal, waffles, bacon, fresh fruit, and juice. The most unique and impressive option that few others offer is our omelette station. Our breakfast attendant will make you an omelette on the spot with just cheese, or if your child isn’t picky, there’s a good variety of veggies to add to their delicious breakfast!

2. Unlimited Internet Access

woman on social mediaWe don’t always encourage too much time on electronic devices, but the kids and adults alike will be thankful we offer unlimited access to the internet with our WiFi. Sometimes it’s nice to take a breather and relax in your comfortable hotel room keeping up-to-date on the latest news and social media updates from friends. Even you might want to post your amazing pics while you’re here! There’s always a little time to unwind, and sometimes the weather isn’t always cooperative, so you can take this opportunity with the kids to stay plugged in at our downtown Gatlinburg hotel too.

3. Heated Pool

Another amenity of ours your kids will love is our enclosed, heated swimming pool. This may provide another alternative if the weather is gloomy, or if you need something else to do besides check the internet for some relaxation and fun! Our heated pool is great for times when it’s not a scorcher in the summer. This should mean there’s no reason why you can’t take advantage of a nice swim, and the kids will jump right in at this chance!

4. Walking Distance To Gatlinburg Fun

aerial tramway to ober gatlinburgYour family will enjoy our downtown Gatlinburg hotel because we are located close to all the fun at hand in Gatlinburg. Whether you want to take the kids on a nature walk to Sugarlands Visitors Center​ via the ​Gatlinburg Trail​, or if you’re set on a trip up to ​Ober Gatlinburg​ by taking the tram, there’s plenty more family fun within a short walking distance. The sights and sounds of Gatlinburg are just waiting for you and your kids to have a full schedule of great times.

The kids will certainly enjoy all the time spent at our hotel in downtown Gatlinburg. Location is a big plus, but you can now see that we offer so much more that’ll give you quite the enjoyable adventure you’ve been seeking with the kids. ​Book your room​ to give them the most enjoyment out of your Gatlinburg vacation at our lovely hotel!