The ruins of Atlantis.

The Top 3 Escape Games in Gatlinburg

Escape games are one of the hottest trends sweeping the nation. In these fun attractions, participants are “locked” in a room and must complete a series of puzzles or challenges to escape. Most escape games include an overarching theme or story that makes the experience more exciting.

We are pleased to report that the escape games trend is alive and well in the Smokies! To help you make the most of your next vacation, Black Bear Inn & Suites has put together a guide to the top three escape games in Gatlinburg.

1. Gatlin’s Escape Games

Playing one of Gatlin’s Escape Games is like starring in an Indiana Jones movie! Gatlin’s signature adventure is “The Legend of Atlantis”, which is themed around the mythical lost continent. When the noted explorer Hathaway Wren goes missing after reportedly discovering Atlantis, it’s up to you to track down the famous adventurer in the remains of the ancient civilization.

Participants will have to work together to find Wren, enter the Temple of Poseidon, and collect the five legendary Atlantean Power Crystals (a sustainable energy source that would change the course of human history). Filled with hidden doors, secret passageways, and cinema-quality set pieces and special effects, “The Legend of Atlantis” is unlike any other attraction in the area.

Hands putting a key in an old lock.2. The Captured

Located at the base of the Gatlinburg Space Needle, The Captured is another one of the most popular escape games in Gatlinburg. In this game, participants find themselves trapped in the basement of the Craft family home.

Many years ago, the family of Confederate Army General Simon Craft turned to cannibalism to avoid starving during a particularly brutal winter. Over the decades, the Crafts kept up the tradition of eating human flesh, and today, Simon’s great-great-great-grandson Sebastian lures unsuspecting visitors to his home so he can “have them for dinner”. When you play The Captured escape game, you’ll have 60 minutes to break out of the Craft home by finding clues, completing puzzles, and solving riddles.

3. HeadCase Escape Adventures

HeadCase Escape Adventures offers a number of thrilling games for guests to enjoy. Here is a brief overview of their current adventures:

Aztec Temple: A team of archeologists must find a series of hidden idols in order to escape from the “Temple of the Gods”.

Goliath: A remote cabin in the woods is home to an abnormally large and aggressive black bear named Goliath. Can you escape from the cabin before Goliath finds you?

Wild West Blazin’ Breakout: A group of criminals must escape from the county jail before the Sheriff returns.

Merlin’s Secret Chamber: When an evil witch turns The King’s daughter to stone, the royal guards must venture into Merlin’s chamber to reverse the spell.

Doomsday Bomber: A rogue CIA agent known only as “Doomsday” has stolen a high-tech bomb that could level everything in a two-mile radius. Your team must stop Doomsday before it’s too late.

Extinction: A deadly pandemic is spreading across the globe and your team must develop a vaccine for the disease. The “Extinction” escape game is not yet available but will be open soon.

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