cherokee grill restaurant in gatlinburg

5 Great Steak Restaurants in Gatlinburg Within Walking Distance of Our Hotel

When you go on vacation, you deserve to be treated to a nice dinner, and in this case, we’re going to a few steak restaurants that are within a short walk of our hotel. There are many great steak restaurants in Gatlinburg, and we recommend you try some of these prime eateries when you stay with us.

1. The Peddler Steakhouse

The Peddler​ is considered one of the best restaurants in Gatlinburg, period. They even bring the steaks out to your table to cut as you’re ordering, so you can see for yourself exactly what they’re cooking for you. The Peddler is an absolute tradition in Gatlinburg, serving high-quality steaks in a building that a fourth generation Gatlinburg merchant used to reside. Now that’s tradition!

steak restaurant in gatlinburg2. Park Grill

Another place where you can enjoy some juicy steaks is The ​Park Grill​. Located basically next door to the south, they serve some the freshest cuts of all the steak restaurants in Gatlinburg. They’re not just a steakhouse, so you don’t have to order steak to be impressed with their various menu items. The Park Grill is just a hop and a skip minus the jump from our hotel!

3. Cherokee Grill

This next restaurant is located near our hotel, but on the opposite side, and that’s ​Cherokee Grill​. Don’t be intimidated by its upscale appearance on the outside and inside; they are very kid friendly, and you can dress just as casually here as any other of the great restaurants in Gatlinburg. You’ll be impressed by the diversity of their food selection Their steaks are ultra flavorful, juicy, and tender — try their Prosperity Steak and you will agree that the steaks are the real winners here.

4. Howard’s Steakhouse

Howard SteakhouseOne of the oldest steak restaurants in Gatlinburg is ​Howard’s Steakhouse​. It doesn’t get much more local — and hospitable — than this establishment whose sensational steak offerings go back decades. Service and great food are clues as to why they’ve been in business for 60 years. Enjoy a nice steak dinner on their outdoor patio by the stream to enhance your experience at this old-time favorite of visitors.

5. Calhoun’s

Our next door neighbor just to the north sits another of the great restaurants in Gatlinburg for steaks. ​Calhoun’s​ has numerous popular locations around Knoxville, and while they’re known mainly for their ribs, we recommend you give their steaks a try as well. There’s no such thing as a dry steak here with their famous BBQ sauce and other ingredients adding a burst of flavor to any type of steak you decide to order.

At Black Bear Inn & Suites, you’ll be impressed with the selection of steak restaurants in Gatlinburg that won’t even make you break a sweat to walk to; although we should warn you that after trying some of these tasty traditions in town you might be too full to walk back! Hungry yet? ​Book one of our rooms​ so you can be that much closer to a fantastic meal featuring a meat-eater’s favorite!